Canker Sore

A canker sore has developed on the side of my tongue due to stress and lack of sleep. It is one of the worst I can recall. The pain radiates to the back of my throat and into my jaw. The physical pain distracts me from the emotional pain and for that, I am grateful. When this sore is healed, will my emotional pain have lessened as well?

I’ve spent the last few days informing friends of the news, friends that I know in my gut I can trust to be there for me. I will need these friends in the days to come. I tell them the story, laying out my confusion, laying out the facts as they occurred. Most of my friends are the logical type-A type for which follow up questions are key to understanding. I work with them to understand, but my tongue is tired, my wound growing with each syllable.

It’s time to stop talking and just listen.